Thrilling Blue Monday Indoor Skydiving

A Thrilling Blue Monday

Experience a thrilling Blue Monday at Copenhagen Air Experience. Feel the adrenaline when you and your friends try Indoor Skydiving. It’s an experience for life when you’re faced with the same butterflies in the stomach as when jumping out of a plane (we make sure that everybody are in a safe environment).

Everyone is equal when it comes to flying – Indoor Skydiving is an experience for the whole class and at the same time a team building exercise that strengthens the social cohesion.

Indoor Skydiving is a simulation of the free fall skydivers experience when they jump out of a plane – 1 minute in the wind tunnel is like falling through the sky from an altitude of 4 kilometers. It is extreme but safe!

Facilities on the day

Have fun with your friends in our BLUE MONDAY room before and after your flight, and meet other confirmands who also celebrate their Blue Monday with us.

You can bring your own food or we can arrange breakfast or sandwiches. We sell sodas and snacks in our kiosk.

  • You can choose how many people you book for!

Consider combining the experience with go karting in the world’s largest gocart center RACEHALL COPENHAGEN, who is our neighbor.