Ultimativt Polterabend Indoor Skydiving CAE


Conquer the airspace and fly 10 meters above the ground, like a true superhero, and give the bride or groom to-be a fantastic experience!

Indoor skydiving is the perfect event for your bachelor party. Size and athletic skills are not important in Indoor Skydiving so everyone can join! After your flight, everyone will receive a certificate with their flight results – all you have to do is pick a winner and then celebrate!

Add a twist to your bachelor party and rent costumes! Fly like Superman or a crazy chicken – get a good laugh and some funny pictures to remember the day.


Is it just the bride or groom, who are going to fly? The whole group still gets a great experience. It’s really entertaining to see the bachelor(ette) hanging in the air, trying to fly while everyone’s eyes are watching!

After flying you are welcome to use our large outdoor area with tables and benches, where you can relax on the grass or play ball, kubb or other outdoor games, that you can borrow at the reception. We can also arrange sandwiches and drinks for you during the day or you can bring your own­ supplies – contact us for more information.

Remember that for safety reasons you cannot be influenced by alcohol or other substances before you are going flying. When you are safely on the ground, you can kick off the party in the best bachelor-way possible!

The duration of the event is usually 1½ hour. If you are group of more than 20 people, you must set aside some extra time.

Polterabend Indoor Skydiving CAE

Indoor Skydiving is perfect for bachelor parties! All participants will experience the endorphins running wild in their bodies and it will bring out the big smiles. The shared experience will bring the group closer together and it is the ultimate way to kick-start a great day!