Børneaktivitet Indoor Skydiving CAE


At Copenhagen Air Experience, we host the best children’s birthday parties, where everyone gets to fly. It is a fantastic experience to be flying in the wind tunnel, and all the children will be smiling from ear to ear after they have been in the air. It’s simply a thrilling experience that kicks off the adrenalin.

After the flight, all children receive a diploma stating that they have completed an Indoor Skydive.

The children will have an unforgettable experience together – it will be the talk of the town. It’s a major hit for a children’s birthday party!


Indoor Skydiving is the coolest child activity where everyone succeeds right from the start!

All children from 7 years and up can fly. With us, security is a top priority, and the level is always adjusted to the individual flyer. The children are in the company of our experienced instructors from start to finish, and our instructors will hold on to them until they are completely stable to fly by themselves.

For the children, 1 flight is a great experience in itself – but the more times they try, the more confident they become, and they’ll quickly improve their flying skills.

Note that all children must bring a Waiver of Liability signed by their own parents or guardian stating they are allowed to fly.

Børnefødselsdag Indoor Skydiving

It was cool to see my best friend fly like Superman! I had the best day with my friends!