Om sporten Indoor Skydiving

The Sport

Indoor Skydiving is an internationally recognized sport on the rise, with a high level of professional flyers. The World Championships are held every year with disciplines such as 4-way Formation Skydive, Dynamic 2-Way and Freestyle. The latest World Cup in 2018 was held in our sister tunnel Aerodium Bahrain with participation from 25 different countries.

The sport is in tremendous progress, and there is an increasing awareness of its possibilities. Our wind tunnel also serves as a training facility for paratroopers, the military and others who need to strengthen their stability, security and knowledge of the air. The wind tunnel makes it possible to train individually and in formations for an extended period of time, so they are much better prepared when performing the free fall from the air.

We are very proud of being the first wind tunnel in Denmark, and that we from the beginning have taken an active part to help build up Indoor Skydiving as a serious sport in Denmark and abroad.

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