PRO-flyver Zonen Indoor Skydiving

PRO-flyer Zone


To become a PRO flyer you must be approved as a PRO by one of our instructors. Normally you have been flying with us for more than 10-15 times before you are stable enough to fly without the same level of instructor attendance. When approved as a PRO flyer you can get large discounts on PRO time.

PRO time is booked in blocks of 15 min, 30 min. or 60 min. and have to be used within the same day, but not necessarily within the same session.

It is possible to have breaks during the flight session, as long as it does not conflict with the other flight sessions.

We do our best to organize a rotation flow that gives you the most ideal day.

It is possible to book coaching with your PRO-time every day – contact us for more info.


The open tunnel makes it more realistic – training here improves my skills, as it is more technically demanding – it’s no problem to fly head down!

Pro flyer zone


If you want to develop and train specific flying skills, you can purchase personal coaching with one of our qualified and experienced instructors. Together you decide which flight techniques you want to work on so you improve and excel within the sport. A coach gives you the necessary support and can explain about proper training, exercises and style techniques.

Our instructors are very experienced in Indoor Skydiving and have flown in tunnels all around the world. Each year, several of our instructors participate in the World Cup of Indoor Skydiving.

Ask your instructor for more info or send us an e-mail:

Pro-flyer Packages (special offer including 29% discount)

  Normal* Off-Peak** Duration
15 min 1.800 DKK 1.500 DKK 1 day
30 min 3.200 DKK 2.500 DKK 1 day
60 min 4.800 DKK 3.400 DKK 1 day

*Normal Flight Times

  • Saturday: 10am-5pm
  • Sunday: 10am-3pm

**Off-Peak Flight Times (Not available during school holidays and bank holidays)

  • Tuesday to friday: 2–8pm
  • Saturday: 5-9pm
  • Sunday: 3-6pm

Coaching is offered every day

  • Contact us for coaching and availability at
Pro-flyer packages